Cluster House Ang Mo Kio

A beautiful house, serene surroundings, friendly neighbors, like-minded community and all sorts of comforts of luxury and space - this is just what Freehold Ang Mo Kio Cluster Housing is about.

Townhouse Ang Mo Kio

With 118 neatly arranged units containing 18 semi detached and 100 terraces, these wholesome bundles of life can make living an enjoyment, luxury a prefixed amenity and comforts certain facility.

Located amidst green meadows, the mornings at these cluster houses witness birds chirping and sunrays filtering through the canopy. Moreover, with well-paved paths that will make walking fantastic, Ang Mo Kio intentions to be considered a peaceful activity hub.

The Tong Eng group follows the best construction standards, thus making certain every house at Ang Mo Kio is built with utmost care and dedication, thus presenting you with a complete feeling of belonging and pride. The gang, with sixty years of experience in their stride, leaves no stone unturned to ensure that every project of theirs is recognized for its aesthetic appeal, futuristic designs and attention to detail. With your impeccable standards, these houses are bound to last for generations.

Upright on Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, the community adjoins the Ang Mo Kio industrial and business park, thus ensuring a high instant demand for housing along with a sustained ever-growing interest. Found in the north east of Singapore, it is a vibrant, up-and-coming area with an quick access to all or any the specified and luxurious amenities. Easy to reach and fun to live in, this project is likely to be a huge success inside the ever expanding landscape of Singapore housing.

Townhouse Ang Mo Kio

The Ang Mo Kio Cluster Housing is a superb project by having an impeccable layout that can make certain that your entire dreams of a great house are fulfilled in a beautiful neighborhood inside the lap of luxury and luxury. Also can one ask for?


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